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>>>What is Sportmagister?

Sportmagister is the platform through which The Brafa Foundation wishes to transmit to trainers, parents, sportspeople and ultimately society in general the opportunities for educating in values through the medium of sport. All the portal’s contents – from the main interview to the Plan for Sports Education and the “recipes” and self-evaluation tests – have been designed to positively influence in this sense. They help in guiding the practice of sport towards universal ideals which contribute to the improvement of each person and to society as a whole.

The Brafa Foundation is a non-profit organization whose guiding principle is to disseminate in society, especially among young people, the educational  values of sport. On section of the Foundation is The Brafa Sports School, whose aim is to offer sports education for young people through the Olympic spirit and ideals.


Ignasi Taló
Ignasi Taló


Juan Antonio Abad
Juan Antonio Abad

Filólogo. Profesor del colegio Xaloc.

Rafa Cervera
Rafa Cervera

Redactor Jefe

Jordi Aguiló
Jordi Aguiló


Neil Reynolds
Neil Reynolds

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