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>>>> Forgive and you will help others and yourself.


Forgiving is the greatest demonstration of love to others and, at the same time, is a way of living a life that only provides satisfaction and happiness. An individual that truly forgives suffers and cries, but fights to heal the injury. And this injury comes when we give up trying to see the dignity of the person who offended, when we relate the person to the offense, allowing the enemy to get installed in our interior through prejudice and resentment. Nobody is completely corrupted; there is a spot of bright light in every human being.

Educating to forgive is a hard task that includes many more phases than the pure action of forgiving for good and from the heart. You live installed in forgiveness when you reach a way of living based in being happy for the good things that occurred to people who surround you. Be ready to help someone, knowing how to share… are ways of acting that make our interpersonal knowledge easier, as well as mutual treatment and our capability to forgive. This is the way we need to strive to educate our children and students in forgiveness: developing the habit of living always thinking about our neighbors will allow us to easily understand the necessity of forgiving when facing an unpleasant situation.

We all need forgiveness because we all hurt others. We need forgiveness to untie our past’s knots to start all over again. Everybody should recognize his own weaknesses, his mistakes that might have led others to a bad behavior. Do not hesitate to ask for forgiveness. In the article “Learning to forgive”, Jutta Burggraf says “if we could develop a forgiveness culture, we would be able to build together a livable world, which would be more vital and fruitful; we could all project truly new future” (1).
(1) Jutta Burggraf, “Learning to forgive” published at


Jordi Aguiló.

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