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>>>> Educate in good sense is the most efficient way of building a personality with the right criteria.


In today’s society, a society that is always worried about efficiency and achieving short-term results; it seems there is a very small room for good sense, because good sense means exactly the opposite of what it is important for today’s world. Seeing things this way could lead us into making a big mistake. Good sense should be the base in which other moral values of the individual are built, because it allows us to decide which goals to set, the ways to achieve them and the best possible actions to do them. It is also true that good sense needs other moral values and their intellectual capabilities.

The goal of our educational task is the integral formation of the individual: helping him to reach the maturity to live in a moral freedom status that will allow him to make decisions to become a better human being. “Good sense –when allowing us to match our decisions with reality- is the quintessence of the ethical maturity; not only of moral maturity, but also a standard of the moral freedom (1)”.
Educating in good sense requires reasoning in depth, knowledge of the individuals and search for the truth. While the students are not old enough, us, parents and teachers should decide, with our judgment and authority, for the student. As they grow and their moral freedom develops, they will govern themselves and the role of the educators will be more to give advice. Taking decisions, advising, making judgments… their formation is in our hands, but also our formation is in our hands. This value is very important, but just as much as the time we dedicate to form ourselves.

Jordi Aguiló.

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