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>>>> Showing gratitude: the fundament to unity.


Human beings live as members of a society. Nobody agrees that being lonely is the ideal life. But it is true that many times we live like the rest of the world would not exist. We just do not care about their worries, their joy, their sorrows, their successes or their failures. This attitude of indifference, coolness and sometimes jealousy should be amended.

Living in society means that our lives have a transcendental value. The more we influence others in a positive way, the better our life will be. Other aspect that helps in developing a friendlier society is gratefulness. Showing gratitude goes way beyond saying “thank you”. The true gratitude means really loving the others. When someone really loves, he is capable to overcome every obstacle in his way to help a person who needs him. He is a given person.

Being a given person, saying “no” to our desires to live always thinking in the others is not something that our current society pushes us to do, but like Ciceron once said: “gratitude is not only the biggest virtue; it is the mother of all other virtues” (1).

(1) Marco Tulio Ciceron in “Orationes Pro Cn. Plancio”  (54 a. C.)

Jordi Aguiló.

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