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>>>> Former soccer referee and current TV commentator César Muñiz Fernández: “Respecting other people is much more important than any professional achievement”
We tend to pay little attention in sports to the judges of the game. Referees live their profession as intensively as athletes, so it is always interesting to listen to them. In the following interview we hear the point of view of one of the top referees in the history of Spanish soccer: César Muñiz Fernández.


What is the most important value your parents taught you?

They told me to respect other people. That and being humble are much more important than any professional achievement. 

Nowadays who is a referent person for you and why?

I would say no one… I admire those who give a sense to their lives: those who face adversity in a humble way, but delivering a huge effort. 

Who influenced your life the most and how?

Definitely my parents have influenced my life the most with the support and advice they have given me. Their advice has always helped me to improve, both personally and professionally.

Outside sports, which is your best memory?

I remember very happily the summers I spent in a little town when I was a kid with my friends.

Which are the three most important values in sports?

I would say friendship, respect and humbleness.

What is the most important thing sports have given you?

I think the possibility to learn all the values that arise from sports. There are plenty of them!

Can you tell us a pastime away from sports?

I love to travel.

What advice would you give to young athletes?

I would tell them sacrifice is very, very important. But it is also important to fight humbly and not giving up when things do not go your way.

What would you need to be happy?

To be happy I would just need to stay healthy and to be with my family.

How would you like to be remembered?

I would like to be remembered as a good person, as someone who tried to help those in need.

What would you like to tell the world? You have 140 characters.

Leave aside your sense of pride and start thinking about those who live around you. To solve the problems of our society we need to leave aside our personal egos.  


Paco Virués


César Muñiz Fernández (Brussels, 1970) learnt to be a referee at his own backyard as his father, José Muñiz Farpón, was also a referee. One of the most important soccer officials in the last 20 years, César refereed 13 seasons at Spain’s top division, seven of them as an international official, refereeing key games in the Spanish League and in international tournaments. Currently, he analyzes officiating in TV, being one of the people who better explains the soccer rules and their enforcement to the audience.


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