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>>>> Former goalkeeper and TV commentator Esteban Andrés Suárez: “Soccer is a game in which you can win or lose, but if you enjoy it the result does not matter”
A referent goalie in Spanish soccer, Esteban spent more than 20 years playing for the country’s top teams. He is now explaining the game in TV from the particular goalkeeper view.


What is the most important value your parents taught you?

Perseverance. Through the years, I have learnt you have to work for everything you want to achieve and you can’t take anything for granted.

Nowadays who is a referent for you and why?

I would not highlight one person in particular. I always try to focus in people who I feel can teach me something and then I make the effort of learning from them.

Who has influenced your life the most and how?

Definitely my wife. We have been together for 26 years. We adapted and we feel comfortable together.

What is your best memory outside sports?

Without a doubt, the birth of my two children, who are now 15 and 13.

What are the three most important values related to sports?

Perseverance, humbleness and respect for the sport you practice.

What is the most important thing soccer has given you?

I think it helped me become a man. I was able to share diverse situations with many people and this way I chose the type of person I wanted to be.

What is your favorite pastime away from sports?


What advice would you give young kids who are starting to practice sports?

I would tell them that any sport is a game in which you can win or lose, but if you enjoy it the result does not matter.

What do you need to be happy?

I just need to have people around me, people I can share my time with.

How would you like to be remembered?

As a good person that, despite making mistakes, was always honest.

What would you like to tell the world in 140 characters?

People should be in a good mood. We only live once, so we need to take the most out of life.


Paco Virues


Esteban Andrés Suárez was born on June 27th of 1975 in Avilés, Asturias. He was one of the most popular goalkeepers of his generation. During a long career that lasted more than two decades, he had five caps with Spain’s National Team. At a club level, Esteban played for home club Oviedo (twice), Atlético Madrid, Sevilla, Celta and Almería.   


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