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>>>> Former American football professional player and current FOX commentator Carlos Rosado: “Going deep in sports values, I realize American football is much more than just catching and throwing the ball”
Carlos Rosado is a great example of how a person that reaches the summit as an athlete keeps working hard and, once retired, gets involved to work professionally in the sports he loves.


You came from being one of the very few Mexican professional football players to the FOX booth, how hard was the process?

At the beginning it was pretty hard. I had to take courses and study a lot. But now I feel very comfortable. The network has increased the weekly games from two to three. This weekend I will be in Los Angeles to comment on the Rams-Cowboys game. It is great!

How are sports seen from the other side of the playing field?

Actually, it is quite different. Television has allowed me to stay involved with the game and I am happy and grateful for it.

Which three values would you highlight in sports?

First, the need to learn, not only from the sport you play, but also from everything that surrounds you. This is very useful for a future professional life. Then I would say discipline, which is very important to perform on a team sport. Finally, I would add integrity, which you will later take to your home, to your family. Playing by the rules helps to educate kids. Going deep in sports values, I realize American football is much more than just catching and throwing the ball.

Who has been a reference in your life? 

My father helped me a lot. He played American football and was also a coach. I always followed his footsteps, but not only in sports. He earned a degree in business and that allowed me to learn that sports were not the only thing you needed to pursue. As an athlete, I would highlight legendary wide receiver Jerry Rice –he played the same position I did. He was a reference to me not only for his athletic skills, but also for the way he prepared and his work ethic.

What was the best moment in your sports career?

There were many, but if I had to choose one I would say the last Mexican University championship I won with UDLA. It was my last game in Mexico, because then I turned pro. Now I have very special memories from that day.

What advice would you give to young kids who are getting started in sports?

I would tell them to persevere, to keep fighting, but to remember a career in sports is not going to last for ever. You never know when it is going to end, so you should see sports as a school for life that helps you learning how to face challenges, always drawing a plan with clear and achievable targets.

Your favorite pastime…

I am very involved now with triathlons. I love doing exercise, but I also like a calm life and being home, watching TV series and reading.

What do you need to be happy?

That depends on each individual, but I think you should be happy wherever you are. The key is keeping always a positive attitude.

How would you like to be remembered?

I would like to be remembered as someone who left his footprint and helped others achieve their goals.

What would you tell the world in one tweet?

I would tell people to always do what they love and to fight for it with passion.


Rafa Cervera


After being invited to participate in a tryout held in native country Mexico, Carlos Rosado was selected to play in the NFL Europe league as a wide receiver for the professional football team Barcelona Dragons in 1998. When the Spanish club suspended operations, Carlos played two seasons for the Amsterdam Admirals and was also part of the NFL New York Jets training camp squad. After retiring, he opened a store in 2011 to sale football equipment in Mexico. Two years later he joined prestigious television network FOX where he provides football expert analysis.


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