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>>>> Journalist Pepe Rodríguez: “I like to win and those teams that fight and make the best possible effort to achieve it”
Pepe Rodríguez has shown a lot of courage in his career. His last thrilling initiative was to launch a paid podcast that is working very well amongst Spanish sports fans.


How did you come up with the idea of launching paid podcast

Well, it is kind of a long story. I had my own podcast when Mariano Tovar hired me to start the new American sports section at Diario AS, so I asked to keep doing it under the newspaper’s umbrella and it turned to be AS America. At the beginning I did not have many listeners, but they were all very loyal. Then it started to grow, reaching 9,000 daily downloads. I thought it could live on its own. I moved it to a paid podcast and it is working way above expectations.

Your listeners know you love sports, why do you like them so much?

I think I love sports because I am a very competitive person. Growing up I was not physically gifted, so I was the last one taken in any game we played. But I was mentally gifted for sports. I understood the games and their strategy. This way I got attached to sports professionally by working in the media.

Which three values would you highlight in sports?

Watch out! I can give an unexpected answer to the question… I think competitiveness drives everything. All other values come because of it. Honesty is important, because if I win I want to do it under the rules. I can like them or dislike them, but I must respect them. Effort is also very important. I love those teams that fight hard to earn a win. I do not understand speculation –like to have a better place in the draft or an easier path in the playoffs. I want to win and I want my teams to do it regardless of the game they are playing.

A referent in your life…

I have always loved radio. I grew up listening to José María García, but I would not say he is a reference. I think he is more that person that evokes my childhood memories. Then I listened to the Americans. I really like the kind of radio Dan Patrick makes. I am not a big fan of having heroes, but in today’s Spanish radio I would highlight the work done by Carlos Alsina (Onda Cero).

Your best memory outside sports…

When my first child was born.

Your favorite pastime…


What advice would you give to those getting started in journalism and sports?

It is impossible for me to give advice to anyone. I am not the right person. If they are not crazy, they should not follow my path. I knocked at the door of La Nueva España and I told them they should hire me because I was the best one to do the job. A few years later I took my family and we all moved to Madrid without a job, and I ended up entering Diario As. Now I am living of my own paid podcast…

What would you tell the world in one tweet?

I would simply say: “Enough of being foolish”. Nothing else.  


Rafa Cervera


Pepe Rodríguez started working at La Nueva España, which is the most important newspaper in Asturias. Then he left native Cangas del Narcea, alongside his wife,  to look for better opportunities in Madrid. Pepe helped launching the American sports section at sports daily Diario As, where he took his own podcast that changed its name into AS America. Later, he challenged himself again with his own podcast, Pepe Diario, which has been well accepted amongst Spanish sports fans. Pepe lives in Madrid with his wife and their three children.


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