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To educate, we need to know how to forgive.

1. Forgiving someone is the highest sign of appreciation we can show for him. Forgiveness is based in accepting everything that happens to us. If w ...

Being objective allows us to analyze our problems calmly and deeply, finding a solution for them.

1. The first step for being objective with others is being objective with our selves, accepting things the way they are. 2. Our emotions lead ...

Good sense: don’t do it if it’s not convenient, don’t say if it’s not true.

1. Good sense is the essential moral value because it rules the way people act. Therefore, it helps choosing the right ways of acting. 2. Mor ...

Accept and understand suffering gets us closer to others.

1. A man who has not suffered has not lived. An individual that puts the focus of his life in hiding from any kind of painful situation won’t ...

Others need our gratitude.

1. A grateful person never looks the favor he has received; he looks at the love and effort made by the person doing the favor. 2. For a soli ...

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