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Former goalkeeper and TV commentator Esteban Andrés Suárez: “Soccer is a game in which you can win or lose, but if you enjoy it the result does not matter”

A referent goalie in Spanish soccer, Esteban spent more than 20 years playing for the country’s top teams. He is now explaining the game in TV from the particular goalkeeper view.

Ona Carbonell, synchronized swimming champion: “My parents have always been there. Without that hug, without their encouraging words many times I would not have been able stand up”

Ona Carbonell has enjoyed success in synchronized swimming. As she explains to us in the following interview, her success is directly linked to the school of values she has experienced home next to her family.

Former Spanish soccer player Roberto Trashorras: “Sports have allowed me to learn the importance of respecting others”

Roberto Trashorras is one of the last players defined as “finesse stylists”. A year after retiring from soccer, Trashorras is in the other side of the ball, explaining his vision of the beautiful game in front of the TV cameras.

Sports journalist Tomàs Martínez Pés: “Leading by example is the best way to get things across”

Despite his young age, Tomàs Martínez Pés is one of the top soccer analysts in the Spanish media. In the following interview, he talks about how he got started in journalism as well as the values attached to the sport he loves.

Women’s Team Spain futsal player Berta Velasco: “High level women’s futsal is a great mirror to show the solid values our sport has”

Recently Spain won the first ever European women futsal nations’ championship. Before the final tournament, one of the Spanish key players, Berta Velasco, talked about the effort required to compete in this sport at the very top level.

New England Patriots quarterback Tom Brady: “Life is about cashing those opportunities that arise when you do not expect them and generally do not come back again”

Focusing in achievement, there is no doubt Tom Brady is the best player ever in the history of professional football. On Sunday, he will participate in his ninth Super Bowl, having won more (5) than any other quarterback. In the following lines, we publish answers given by Brady to the interview done with Sportmagister collaborator Neil Reynolds and also after his last Super Bowl win, two years ago against the Atlanta Falcons.

Soccer coach and TV analyst Ángel Cuéllar: “I owe everything I am as a human being to the fact of being involved in professional sports”

With a long tenure in soccer, first as player and then as coach, Ángel Cuéllar is an excellent spokesperson in getting across his experience as an athlete to the youth.

Former American football professional player and current FOX commentator Carlos Rosado: “Going deep in sports values, I realize American football is much more than just catching and throwing the ball”

Carlos Rosado is a great example of how a person that reaches the summit as an athlete keeps working hard and, once retired, gets involved to work professionally in the sports he loves.

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