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>>>> Why should we serve others?
Assess yourself! 1=minimum 5=maximum
1Do I understand the true spirit of service never expects anything and never looks for a reward?                   
2What motivates me to serve: the good of other people or other things?                   
3To be able to serve, we should forget about ourselves. Do I live paying attention to the necessities my neighbors have, so I can help them and make life more enjoyable for them?                   
4Service comes as a result of loving others. Do I love everyone as they are?                   
5What do I see in the others: human beings or just an audience?                   
6Do I choose who to serve or do I serve without distinguishing who is the person serviced?                   
7The spirit of service breaks the barer of negativity. Do I complain about myself always having to do everything for others?                   
8Do I identify a person who has a spirit of service as a weak individual who does not know how to say “no”?                   
9Do I acknowledge that in life it is more important to give than to receive?                   
10Have I noticed that the base for the spirit of service is to have honest intentions?                   
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