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>>>> Do I know how to form people’s conscience?
Assess yourself! 1=minimum 5=maximum
1Am I afraid that my children get influenced by ideas that I believe are not the right ones?                   
2Have I realized that it is impossible that my children and students are not exposed to influences that come from other ways of thinking?                   
3Do I agree conscience represents the base of the individual’s moral formation or I am more worried about other types of formation: social, academic…?                   
4Do I acknowledge my main task as an educator is to teach principles and criteria so my children and students can judge correctly each situation they face?                   
5How do I form my own conscience? Do I try to learn the answers from new situations that arise?                   
6Do I live accordingly with what my conscience says or do I make excuses for my way of acting?                   
7Do I recognize when I have a wrong behavior, amending myself and fixing the bad I have done?                   
8Do I realize if my will and conscience go in different directions, my will rules the way I act and I lose freedom?                   
9Do I acknowledge my conscience is a way to avoid making always the most comfortable decision?                   
10Do I avoid coming up with the excuse that I am doing this because everybody acts the same?                   
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