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>>>> Does dialogue bring us together or does it separate us?
Assess yourself! 1=minimum 5=maximum
1Do I start my conversations explaining my arguments in a calm and elegant way or do my conversations tend to turn into discussions or impositions to the others?                   
2Do I think dialogue is about learning or about convincing?                   
3Do I take into consideration the personal circumstances the person I have a dialogue with has, talking in a simple and moderated way to create an environment of confidence?                   
4Is it hard for me to listen and to accept the arguments given by the person I am having a dialogue with?                   
5Do I agree that an open and caring attitude towards the others makes speaking an easier task?                   
6Do I really care about other people’s issues (problems, happiness, worries) or do I only give them a cursory glance?                   
7Going deep into our own arguments makes dialogues more interesting. Do I spend time studying and forming myself to have stronger arguments?                   
8Do I focus my attention on the person who is talking to me, really listening to what he is saying?                   
9Do I have ideological, personal or social prejudices that do not allow me to establish a sincere and calm dialogue?                   
10Do I approach speaking as a way to have a positive relationship and to help solving problems?                   
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