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>>>> Am I creative teaching my classes?
Assess yourself! 1=minimum 5=maximum
1Am I aware of how society evolves so I can incorporate new techniques in the classes I teach?                   
2Do I leave some subjects open so the students think and come to a conclusions by themselves?                   
3Do I try to make things different, so classes do not become a routine?                   
4Do I get the attention of my students and keep them focused?                   
5Do I delegate, letting the students be the ones who direct part of the exercises?                   
6Do I set clear goals in each practice or class, evaluating if we have been able to achieve them at the end of the session?                   
7Do I use positive reinforcement with my players and students, focusing not only in the result but also in the effort they give?                   
8When teaching, do I try to smile showing I am enjoying the classes?                   
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