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>>>> Am I a pro-active professional at my place of work?
Assess yourself! 1=minimum 5=maximum
1Do I analyze frequently my tasks and responsibilities to improve them constantly?                   
2Do I look and plan ahead so I can prevent problems?                   
3Have I developed a way of thinking that looks to face and solve the problems instead of just ignoring them?                   
4How do I organize my work? Do I immediately try to solve the urgent things or do I do what I have to at every moment?                   
5Do I know how to prioritize, leaving to one side those tasks that can wait to be done?                   
6Do I anticipate my needs?                   
7Do I eliminate unnecessary tasks?                   
8Do I do my daily tasks automatically, without making a big deal?                   
9Do I have initiative to think ahead about my own professional development and growth?                   
10Do I acknowledge I should be always thinking ahead and making a huge effort in improving what I am doing?                   
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