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>>>> Have I prepared myself to help a teenager?
Assess yourself! 1=minimum 5=maximum
1In our task as parents or coaches, we always have the opportunity to talk to boys or girls. Have I worked through seminars, books… to learn how to dialogue with a teenager?                    
2Am I aware that the base for communication is confidence and that confidence never comes as a result of improvisation?                   
3Am I convinced that there are two key virtues in communication: sincerity and discretion?                   
4To be sincere our children or players would need to see an example of sincerity on us, do I always provide this example in my daily life fulfilling what I promise and running away from saying things that are not strictly the truth?                   
5Do I understand that it is very tough to impose a way of thinking to teenagers and that is better to reach agreements that will make them compromise?                   
6When I have a conversation with a teenager, am I patient, being ready to listen without losing my nerves even in things I do not want to hear?                   
7Do I understand that discretion not only means not saying things we were told, but also giving them a high value?                   
8Do I know that when my children really need me, I should be able to leave everything I am doing to be with them and ready to listen?                    
9Do I adopt an optimistic attitude full of complicity with my children or do I give them my own speech?                   
10Complicity with teenagers. Do I make a true effort to understand the teenagers’ world trying to change the way I communicate with them?                   
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