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>>>> Do I educate in a positive way?
Assess yourself! 1=minimum 5=maximum
1Do I create enthusiasm in my own environment?                   
2Do I acknowledge than happiness and toughness come together?                   
3Am I willing to work in being a happy person and teaching this to others?                   
4Do I allow worries to take away my happiness? Do I acknowledge everything relays on my own self-dominance?                   
5Do I see happiness as a way of serving others and making life happier to them?                   
6Do I understand happiness relays on the daily life?                   
7Do I understand that educating in a positive way means looking always for the positive side of everything that surrounds me?                   
8Do I accept myself as I am?                    
9Do I work in making better the community where I live?                   
10Do I value people for what they have or for what they are?                   
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