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Assess yourself! 1=minimum 5=maximum
1Do I understand and therefore can I get across to others that being successful means learning to fail?                   
2Do I acknowledge that successful people are those who learn how to overcome their failures instead of those who never fail?                   
3Difficulties can go in our favor. Do I value failure as a way of self-discovering me, learning to improve from my own limitations?                   
4Do I understand that if I make good use of my failures I can toughen my temperament, making it stronger and more authentic?                   
5In my educator task, do I acknowledge that my work should not be oriented to avoid mistakes, but to teach how to face them with strength and decision?                   
6Am I afraid of failure?                   
7Do I blame myself or do I blame external factors to excuse my conduct?                   
8Do I let my failures generate envy, resentment, jealousy… which trap me in my own world?                    
9Constructive criticism: Do I acknowledge that a person who never accepts his failures will never accept advice or support?                   
10Am I always worried about what others think of me? Do I get upset about negative comments after a failure or do I take them in good spirit and gratitude?                   
11Feeling victimized: Do I always position myself as the victim of something that has happened?                   
12Having hope means taking risks despite failing. Am I brave when it is time to assume responsibilities?                   
13Freedom and failure: Do I acknowledge that the person with the most freedom is the one that is not afraid of failure?                   
14Rushing things without stopping and thinking makes a person focus only on his own points of view, not listening to what others have to say. Have I realized that my failures might come as a result of that type of attitude?                   
15Happiness relies on being able to do what I know I should do. Am I able to use my failures as a way of strengthening my will towards what I should do?                   
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