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>>>> Do I acknowledge the good things others do?
Assess yourself! 1=minimum 5=maximum
1Gratitude expresses a way of living. Do I acknowledge small details people would have with me even if they are things they are supposed to do?                   
2Am I grateful because I am seeking something in return?                   
3My world, my own things… do I give them their correct place so I can worry more about the others?                   
4Do I understand that gratitude means acknowledging somebody else’s generosity instead of returning favors?                   
5Am I proactive when it is time to thank someone? Do I understand a way of gratitude is to dedicate time to others without expecting anything in return?                   
6When I battle to acquire the habit of gratitude, do I understand that I should get it for the good that I could do for other people, instead of for the good they have done to me?                   
7Am I more thankful for the big things than for the small ones?                   
8People who look for my good will be tough. Do I understand this concept and thank those who in their toughness are looking for my improvement?                   
9Am I thankful by fulfilling my obligations to show it was right to give me the confidence?                    
10Am I convinced the person who serves me is the most thankful one?                   
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