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>>>> Do I take advantage of my talent to the maximum?
Assess yourself! 1=minimum 5=maximum
1Am I aware that I have the potential to develop my talent?                   
2Talent must be approached in a humble way or it can become arrogant. Do I listen to all my colleagues or subordinates?                   
3Do I think talent is only a personal gift or do I put it to work so others can benefit from it?                   
4Knowledge is a part of talent. Do I normally question myself so I can change the bad habits I have acquired to be better?                   
5Talent can be wasted if it does not follow the right focus. Do I avoid wasting my talent?                   
6Another key part of talent is how I use knowledge to compete. Do I know that competition habits should be developed and practiced to become better each time?                   
7Talent and motivation come together. Which things keep me motivated: the good of the team or the need to perform individually?                   
8Is my talent self-dependent, doing what I am asked to do, or is it independent, being creative, innovative and looking for the general needs of others?                   
9Do I accept my talent limitations? Do I try to be ethical in everything I do?                   
10Have I assumed that the value of compromise has become one of the key elements of talent?                   
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