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>>>> Am I and organized person?
Assess yourself! 1=minimum 5=maximum
1Do I prepare my classes in advance?                   
2Do I do a first evaluation test to the students to determine their level?                   
3Do I know each of my players' skills as well as what drives them?                   
4Do I get beforehand competition calendars, addresses of sporting facilities and so on, that is, to obtain all the information all the information about the season: opponents, games, dates...?                   
5Do I constantly evaluate my players to monitor their improvement?                   
6Do I keep track of who comes to the practice sessions?                   
7Am I in touch with the players' parents and inform them on their children's development?                   
8Do I write a final summary of the things done and achieved in every practice session?                   
9I compare the sessions I had planned with what I have actually done.                   
10Do I make a season final evaluation to start planning ahead for the next one?                   
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