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>>>> What is the secret of sporting success?
Assess yourself! 1=minimum 5=maximum
1Do I understand how essential effort is for sporting improvement?                   
2Am I regular and consistent in my training?                   
3Do I concentrate on exercises and activities in order to improve?                   
4Do I keep the competition (and how I need to work towards it) in mind?                   
5Am I normally positive? Do I learn from defeats rather than letting them affect my motivation?                   
6Do I keep a constant check on my process of improvement and act accordingly?                   
7Can I deal with the pressure and demands put on me?                   
8Does my training consolidate my capacities, even in competitive conditions influenced by tiredness and tension?                   
9Does the exercise regime encourage competitiveness, thus motivating ever greater effort?                   
10In team sports: Am I aware that only through hard work and unity will we achieve sporting success? Do I act consistently with this awareness?                   
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