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>>>> Am I honest?
Assess yourself! 1=minimum 5=maximum
1Do I give 100% in every training session?                   
2During competition, do I always try to perform to the best of my abilities?                   
3Outside training sessions, do I lead a healthy lifestyle: enough sleep, a balanced diet, no excessive alcohol intake, etc?                   
4In an unfair situation in the team am I courageous enough to mention it to the trainer or team captain, for the common good?                   
5We have lost a game by a wide margin and the referee has badly affected us with his decisions. Despite this, do I believe that it isn’t the referee’s fault we lost?                   
6The big final is approaching. I have always been in the team but I’m not in very good form. In fact, there are other squad members in better form than me. Do I go and speak to the trainer so that he can weigh up these factors?                   
7I reject victory if it is not achieved through following the rules and fair play.                   
8I’ve just played the best game of my life, scoring two goals of vital importance for my team. Everyone is congratulating me but I know our victory has been the sum of all our efforts. Do I dedicate the victory to the team?                   
9Do I say ‘no’ to an attractive proposal made to me, knowing that I am not going to be able to carry it out.                   
10Is there a consistency between my thoughts and my deeds?                   
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