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>>>> Do I have a student who performs badly?
Assess yourself! 1=minimum 5=maximum
1Do I know the standard demanded by the competition, as well as its                    
2Am I aware of my players’ capabilities (developmental and technical)?                   
3Are the expectations created around his/her performance consistent with his/her capacities?                   
4Do I attempt to adapt the player (role within the team, qualities, etc) in competition?                   
5Do I concern myself with a player’s motivation when competing?                   
6Do I speak to the player about the issue and analyse his/her impressions?                   
7Have I raised this issue with the parents in order to obtain more information and thus, be in a position to be of greater help to the player?                   
8Do I know and have a good grasp of the situation regarding the pressure which my players are under?                   
9Is my attitude during competition appropriate and exemplary for them?                   
10Am I aware of and do I give the importance merited to sporting activities as opposed to competitive activities?                   
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