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>>>> Do I have an unmotivated player?
Assess yourself! 1=minimum 5=maximum
1Do you have a sufficiently free flow of dialogue with your players to be able to detect a case of poor motivation?                   
2Do you believe that a lack of interest on the part of the family can affect a student’s motivation?                    
3Do you plan enjoyable and entertaining training sessions?                   
4Do you practise and encourage a competitive spirit in the training sessions?                   
5Do you provide the exercises you set in classes with an element of emotion?                   
6Do you reward or recompense in some way the efforts made?                   
7Do you plan objectives with enthusiasm and hope?                   
8Do you every fall into a routine “Oh well, It’ll do” kind of class model?                   
9Do you put effort into creating a positive dynamic among the players and getting them to work as a group?                   
10Do you value your students in a specific way? Do you recognize their merits?                   
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