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>>>> How do we make sport a way of educating?
Assess yourself! 1=minimum 5=maximum
1Are you aware that sport develops intelligence?                   
2During a match or game, can you observe and make deductions whilst doing so?                   
3Are you imaginative when it comes to solving, off the top of your head, possible problems with a particular player?                   
4Can you “see” (gain insight) through sport?                   
5Do you know that only through practice can one gain ability?                   
6Do you teach them to save their strength during a game?                   
7Do you know the importance of balance, control over the body, useful at all ages?                   
8Do you place importance on physical stamina?                   
9Do you work on astuteness and inventiveness in games?                   
10Do you allow your students to decide for themselves?                   
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