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>>>> How do we educate towards loyalty?
Assess yourself! 1=minimum 5=maximum
1Do you enthusiastically encourage your students to see the importance of this value?                   
2Do you try to make them see its relationship with other values, such as respect or perseverance?                   
3Do you teach them to recognize the implicit bonds in their adherence to                    
4Do you teach them how to make these different bonds compatible?                   
5Do you guide your sportsmen/women towards correctly understanding what it means to be loyal in each case?                   
6Do you convince them that these bonds of loyalty do not restrict their freedom?                   
7Do you manage to develop among your students the other virtues of service to others?                    
8Do you help them to distinguish between people and institutions they have contact with and the values that these connections have?                   
9Do you help them to choose the bonds which allow them to develop personally?                   
10Do you make them realize the damage that disloyalty can do?                   
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