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>>>> Does my child trust me?
Assess yourself! 1=minimum 5=maximum
1Have I been consistently building their trust in me since they were babies?                   
2Do they usually talk to me about their small problems?                   
3Do I pass moral judgements when they tell me what is wrong or what is worrying them?                   
4Do I calmly weigh up the facts just as they are and help my child to draw his/her own conclusions?                   
5Is there trust between my child and I?                   
6Do I love him/her with all his/her defects?                   
7Do I listen to my child when he/she needs me to?                   
8Am I loyal to my child when he/she shares confidences with me?                   
9Does he/she feel valued and loved?                   
10Do I share moments of fun and games with him/her?                   
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