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>>>> Hard effort, an undervalued virtue these days
Assess yourself! 1=minimum 5=maximum
1Regardless of the score, do I try as hard as I can?                   
2Do I avoid wasting my talent for not trying hard enough?                   
3Do I practice hard and with enthusiasm?                   
4Besides team practices, do I also work out on my own to be in better shape?                   
5Do I pay attention when the coach is explaining a drill?                   
6Am I completely focused during games and all practice sessions as well?                   
7If I am on the bench, do I support my team mates and keep my focus on the game?                   
8Do I try until the last minute of the game, knowing my effort will help me in becoming a better athlete and person?                   
9If things do not go my way, do I keep trying without losing my temper?                   
10Do I also try hard in doing the practice drills right?                   
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