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>>>> Are my players better than the first day I coached them?
Assess yourself! 1=minimum 5=maximum
1Do I coach my players in the need of helping their teammates all the time?                   
2Are my players aware that if the group improves they will also improve individually?                   
3Do I agree the improvement of the group also improves the generosity of the players?                   
4Do I agree enthusiasm leads to player improvement?                   
5Do I reward those players who help their teammates improve?                   
6Am I able to get the best out of each of my players?                   
7Am I patient when my players do not improve as fast as I would wish?                   
8Do I have an individual improvement plan for each of my players?                   
9Do I agree there is no better motivation for a player than feeling he is improving?                   
10Does improvement enhance a person’s self-esteem?                   
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