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>>>> Can I help my players in fulfilling their dreams?
Assess yourself! 1=minimum 5=maximum
1Do I know my players well?                   
2Do I follow a methodology during the season to get to know them better?                   
3Do I know their dreams and their goals for their lives?                   
4Do I know their dreams in relation with the team I am coaching?                   
5Do I focus more in helping my players fulfilling their dreams or in my own goals?                   
6Do I frequently do little things so my players can fulfill small dreams?                   
7Do I encourage my players to think in their teammates, so they are aware they can help to fulfill their dreams?                   
8Do I have a team plan to help children in need?                   
9With time, will my players remember him as the coach who helped them in achieving their goals, in fulfilling their dreams?                   
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