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>>>> Am I a hooligan father?
Assess yourself! 1=minimum 5=maximum
1Do I attend my children's games with a positive attitude?                   
2Do I agree the way I behave -positive or negative- will always be a reference for my children?                   
3Regardless if he made the right call, do I always respect the referee?                   
4Do I support the decisions made by my child's coach?                   
5Do I avoid screaming at the referee, the opposing coach or players?                    
6Do I respect the freedom my child has as a player?                   
7Do I avoid criticizing my child's teammates?                   
8Am I positive at the stands, encouraging other parents to be positive as well?                   
9Do I encourage other parents to be respectful to the game, coaches, players and referees?                   
10Do I accept the final result, acknowledging the good play of the opposing team and its players?                   
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