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>>>> What is my attitude when my son plays a sport?
Assess yourself! 1=minimum 5=maximum
1Do I go beyond being the driver who takes his son to a sporting event?                   
2Do I also drive to practice sessions or games my son's teammates?                   
3Do I avoid making bad comments about the way my son's teammates are playing?                   
4Do I avoid criticizing my own son?                   
5Do I know my son's limitations?                   
6Even if my son is a very good player, do I know I should let him enjoy the game and avoid thinking his is going to be a pro star and a millionaire?                   
7Do I avoid criticizing the decisions the coach makes that involve my son?                   
8Do I always show respect to the referees, even if they make a mistake?                   
9Am I always positive during my son's game, passing on that enthusiasm to other parents?                   
10Do I take advantage of the opportunity sports give me to spend quality time with my son?                   
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