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>>>> Do I prepare my classes and practice sessions with dedication?
Assess yourself! 1=minimum 5=maximum
1Do I prepare my classes and practices sessions writing previously a script of the exercises I am going to do?                   
2Do I also demand preparation from my students or players, so they can take the most out of the class or session?                   
3How important is to be flexible when preparing a class or session?                   
4Do games should also be prepared by writing a script of plays, player substitutions?                   
5How important is to start every activity I do with the “right foot”?                   
6Are games won by analyzing and preparing or everything is decided only by the things that happen on the field of play?                   
7Should I also prepare for unexpected situations?                   
8During a game, should I adjust my plan depending on how things evolve?                   
9Preparation is good, but should I avoid over-preparing?                   
10Talking about preparation, do I agree with the phrase: “there is no small game”?                   
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