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>>>> Do I think about the importance of my players having a positive attitude?
Assess yourself! 1=minimum 5=maximum
1Do I lead by example? Is my attitude with my players a positive one?                   
2Do I have a good reaction when something positive happens?                   
3How do I face the negative things that can happen: losses, pain, failure?                    
4Do I think about the chance I have to change the attitude my players have into a positive one?                   
5Do I know my players well enough the demand from them the best attitude each can have?                   
6Does a positive attitude passes on?                   
7Do I teach my players the importance of knowing themselves well, so they are aware of their shortcomings and limitations?                    
8Do I teach my players to try their hardest, so their talent shines even more thanks to a good attitude?                   
9Is it good to teach my players to revise and evaluate their attitude constantly?                   
10Can I think of a true example in which an athlete overcame difficult situations thanks to a positive attitude?                   
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