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>>>> Educating in austerity: to have or to be?
Assess yourself! 1=minimum 5=maximum
1Do I have thought austerity is one of the most underrated values in today's society?                   
2Do I promote austerity amongst my players?                   
3By the way I act, by the clothes I ware, do my players see me as an austere person?                   
4When I reward my players, do I do it with austerity?                   
5Is the happiest individual the one who has the most?                   
6Is austerity related with self-control and sacrifice?                   
7Do I encourage my players to be generous?                   
8Is today's lack of sacrifice and effort related to the lack of austerity?                   
9Is it true we give more value to those things that are harder to get?                   
10Can I explain my players a true story of an athlete who lives austerity?                   
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