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>>>> Some ideas to form our students in accepting what is happening to them
Assess yourself! 1=minimum 5=maximum
1How much time do I dedicate to know my students better?                   
2Do I know my students limitations to not ask them more than what they can give?                   
3Do I teach my students to accept their classmates and friends as they are?                   
4Do I prepare exercises for them to make this accepting process easier?                   
5Do I judge my players by the effort they give in direct relation with their individual talent?                   
6Do I agree the one who puts the best effort not always gets the best result?                   
7Do I reward the effort or the result?                   
8Do I lead by example, knowing how I am and acting accordingly?                   
9Do I teach my players to accept the results they achieve, without blaming others when they lose?                   
10Can I think of an example of true acceptation to help my players understand better the importance of this value?                   
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