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>>>> When I forgive, do I forget?
Assess yourself! 1=minimum 5=maximum
1Suffering and resentment are closely linked. Do I consider them as negative realities or do I acknowledge something positive in them?                   
2Why is suffering a privileged way for educating?                   
3Why is envy so harmful for social coexistence?                   
4Is forgiveness something we give or something we receive?                   
5The lack of knowledge turns into misunderstandings. Do I make an effort to know better those who have different points of view?                   
6Do my students find in me an accessible individual who is willing to constantly smile?                   
7Do I know how to deactivate a life based on resentment?                   
8Do I teach resentment and forgiveness are free elections done individually by each person?                   
9Am I courageous to ask for advice when facing tough situations, acknowledging beforehand the mistakes I made?                    
10Do I accept thankfully the corrections others make to me?                   
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