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>>>> Is sacrifice and educational tool?
Assess yourself! 1=minimum 5=maximum
1Is pain a formative tool?                   
2How do I react when facing painful situations like loneliness, indifference, failure or disdain?                   
3Do I know how to help my students when they are going through painful situations?                   
4Do I know the difference between compassion and sentimentalism?                   
5Do I encourage my students to search for high goals regardless of the size of the effort they have to make to achieve them?                   
6Do I agree facing painful moments of my life helps me in enhancing my freedom?                   
7Does my personal pain, or the one that surrounds me, make me indifferent or does it grow my commitment to help those who suffer next to me?                   
8Do I look for opportunities in which my students or children can meet people suffering, so they can help in alleviating them?                   
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