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>>>> Do I prefer giving myself to others or waiting to receive something from them?
Assess yourself! 1=minimum 5=maximum
1Do I put giving time to others above my own desires?                   
2Do I take care of the things I use?                   
3There are two ways of approaching life: consumerism and generosity. Which of the two lead my life?                   
4In what order do I place my affections?                   
5Do I feel joy and satisfaction being generous or do I constantly complain about having to give something to others? Do I teach this lesson to my students?                   
6Do I give up when my students blackmail me?                   
7Do I agree that without generosity it is very complicated to forgive?                   
8Do I agree that in generosity is much more important to give myself than to give material things?                   
9Do I let others help me or do I always try to do things on my own?                   
10Do I reward my children with things they ask me for or do I try to be creative, looking for other ways to reward them?                   
11Do I teach my students the value of giving up things, so they can give a true value to the important things they have?                   
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