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>>>> Am I accessible for other people?
Assess yourself! 1=minimum 5=maximum
1Do I agree being sociable goes beyond what I am being taught?                   
2When I meet a person, do I let myself get carried away by the first impression?                   
3Do I relate to my students in a natural, humble and transparent way, leading them to behave the same way?                   
4Do I agree discretion and modesty are not very popular attitudes, but are highly valued by people?                   
5Do I agree a very important part of being sociable is to give up in favor of others when discussing insignificant issues?                   
6Do I agree sociability does not work against defending my points of view in issues that affect my ethics, habits and traditions?                   
7Do I avoid amending unfair situations because of being worried about hurting others?                   
8Am I an understanding individual with others’ feelings, dedicating people the right time and asking them about their problems when necessary?                   
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