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>>>> What is the value of teaching to forgive?
Assess yourself! 1=minimum 5=maximum
1Do I understand forgiving is the best example of human love and respect for others?                   
2Am I confused with the meanings of forgiving and resignation?                   
3Remember past insults, making judgments, saying things to hurt… Should I run away from all of these actions, so forgiving becomes easier for me?                   
4What do I think is better for my life: to harden my heart, so things do not affect, or to always look for my neighbors’ good?                   
5Forgiveness hits when something bad objectively happens. Do I distinguish and objective bad action from negative situations that affect me?                   
6Memory can cultivate our frustrations but could also be our best teacher. Do I try to remember my past to learn or to open old injuries that have not healed?                   
7Do I sincerely try to understand others, accepting them the way they are and helping them when they need it?                   
8Do I try to see forgiveness only as an action of justice or do I think it should go way beyond it?                   
9How do I listen to the people who apologize to me? Do I try to see things from the same perspective they see them?                   
10Which of these two phrases I feel identified with? 1) If I want to be happy for a moment, I need to look for revenge. 2) If I want to be happy always, I must forgive.                   
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