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>>>> Does my team perform as expected in competition?
Assess yourself! 1=minimum 5=maximum
1Do I know the competition well (rules, internal organization, demands)?                   
2Can I set a logical objective to achieve?                   
3Do I carry out a plan to achieve this objective?                   
4Do I follow the initial programming during the competition?                   
5Do I try to run training sessions in which the work done can be transferred to competitive circumstances?                   
6Do I know how to carry out my work as a trainer alongside my social and personal life (family, friends) and my professional life (work, studies) without them being severely affected?                   
7After each competitive activity, do I draw conclusions which act as useful feedback for future activities?                   
8Do I adopt a sporting attitude to both defeats and victories?                   
9Do I have an attitude of constant improvement and effort?                   
10With what level of confidence and concentration do I face competition?                   
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