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>>>> Do we learn from our defeats?
Assess yourself! 1=minimum 5=maximum
1Do I prepare my players for wins and losses so they are ready to accept the outcome of the game?                   
2Do I acknowledge the first task I have to do as a coach when we lose is to analyze the defeat, studying peacefully what caused it?                   
3Do I know how to separate one game from another, recognizing the reasons for a defeat when it happens?                   
4Do I recognize the emotions, such as doubts, being blocked, getting depressed… defeats produce?                   
5Do I know a loss can be good for the group, reinforcing the team’s spirit?                   
6Do I get across fingers should not be pointed in any direction after a loss?                   
7Do I know how to make my team feel competent and competitive?                   
8Do I make my players grow all the time, teaching them constantly something even when it seems they do not want to listen to it?                   
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