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>>>> Why showing gratitude helps us and the others as well?
Assess yourself! 1=minimum 5=maximum
1Do I show gratitude for every favor I receive even if it comes as a result of something others should do?                   
2Do I agree gratitude is an essential tool for coexistence?                   
3Do I acknowledge gratitude and generosity come together?                   
4Am I aware the person that has developed the habit of being grateful finds easy ways to put this habit to work?                   
5Am I aware a symptom of interior growth and personal maturity comes from knowing how to show gratitude?                   
6Giving thanks is a way of showing that we care. Do I put aside any anger or resentment, showing gratitude from my heart?                   
7People who are more demanding with us are the ones who love us more. Am I grateful with those who have been demanding with me in my life?                   
8Do I agree a person who is grateful forgets about himself and his own rights?                   
9Do I try to acquire the habit of being grateful in the spirit of helping others instead of as an answer to what others have done for me?                   
10A constant smile really helps people who surround me. Do I keep this in my mind all the time?                   
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